Probation/Court Services

Under the authority of the Kansas Judicial Branch and the laws of the State of Kansas, the Third Judicial District Court Services’ purpose is to hold adult and juvenile offenders accountable for their behaviors in a professional and ethical manner through the judicial process. 

In Shawnee County, this is accomplished through Court Services Officers (CSOs) who prepare court reports and supervise offenders (probation). Also included is an array of specialty programs such as Child In Need of Care (CINC) supervision, adult and juvenile pre-trial bond supervision, juvenile offender house arrest and electronic monitoring, Drug Court, and Field Team Supervision.

court- services gavel

Mission Statement:

Court Services’ mission is to carry out the orders of the Court in a timely, professional, and ethical manner; to hold those individuals referred by the Court accountable for their behavior; to improve their ability to live more productively and responsibly in the community; and to promote public safety.