Shawnee County District Court records are maintained digitally or on microfilm. A complete list of all court records is below. Microfilm Records are available for public viewing between 2-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Digital records can be viewed online at Shawnee County’s Public Access or by viewing them at the public access terminals in the courthouse. 

Copies of documents can be obtained by: 

Send the KORA form to:  
Clerk of the District Court
200 SE 7th Room 209
Topeka, Kansas 66603

Requests sent by mail usually require pre-payment of a $20.00 Research and Copy Fee.

  • Deliver the KORA form in person at the address above and pay any applicable copy fees.
  • Print the documents at the courthouse public access terminals located outside of the Clerk’s Office. The printed documents can then be picked up at the cashier's window by presenting your completed KORA form and paying the copy fee.


  • $0.50 a per page on Microfilm prior to Imaging
  • $0.50 per document on Imaging
  • Additional fees may be charged for large volume request.

List of Court Documents on Microfilm or in Digital Format

Document Type Digital Microfilm
Adoptions Confidential/Not Available Confidential/Not Available
Civil 2004 to Present 1800's to 2003
Criminal 2004 to Present 1885 to 2003
Domestic July 1999 to Present 1800's to June 1999
Juvenile  Confidential/Not Available  Confidential/Not Available 
Limited Actions November 1998 to Present 1976 to October 1998
Marriage License Confidential/No Longer Available 1856 to September 2015
Probate May 18, 2006 to Present 1861 to May 17 2006
Small Claims 1999 to Present Not Available
Traffic 2006 TR 5250 to Present Not Available