DCR 3.216 Pretrial Conference / Hearing of Condemnation Cases

The following matters shall be considered and determined at the pretrial conference / hearing of condemnation cases:

(A) Date of taking.

(B) Any amendments or changes in the taking since the original taking.

(C) Number of acres in tract before taking.

(D) Number of acres taken.

(E) Number of acres remaining after taking.

(F) The nature of the taking, whether a fee simple interest or an easement.

(G) Access rights taken.

(H) Any unusual improvements, including fencing, which should be special elements of damage to be awarded.

(I) Highest and best use.

(J) Requests for other admissions -- stipulations.

(K) Exhibits, plats or demonstrative evidence to be introduced.

(L) View of the premises.

(M) Witness -- appraisers.

(N) Any special instructions needed.

Adopted: January 27, 1999