Rules of the District Court of the Third Judicial District


These District Court Rules supersede all other district court rules of the Third Judicial District. These rules are designed to reduce uncertainty, to provide for uniformity and to expedite litigation so far as uniformity and dispatch will aid the administration of justice. They are authorized by K.S.A. 60-267 and Kansas Supreme Court Rule 105 and should be read in conjunction with related statutes and "Rules of the Supreme Court relating to District Courts." K.S.A. 60-2702. New or revised rules will be promulgated from time to time as necessary. Current copies of the rules will be maintained for reference of counsel by the clerk of the court and in the county law library. Nothing herein is intended to contravene any statute or Supreme Court rule.

Cite these rules DCR 3.101 et seq.
Cite forms F3.101 et seq.
Date adopted: September 3, 1997
Date effective: November 1, 1997

By Order of the Judges of the Third Judicial District