DCR 3.215 Investment of Funds in Special Accounts

A judge of the District Court may order that any monies in actions pending before the Court be invested in any local financial institution for safe keeping. The court order, for investment of these funds, must specify that the attorney holding the monies shall be responsible for opening an interest bearing account in such financial institution for deposit of said funds prior to determination of ownership by the Court. No withdrawals shall be made unless ordered by the Court. Proof of such investment must be placed in and become a part of the court record and be retained by the Clerk of the District Court. Upon final determination by the Court as to the ownership of such invested funds, an order must be drawn directing the attorney who made the original investment to pay out all proceeds to the designated parties. Interest received from the investment of these monies shall become the property of the person or persons found to be the owners of the monies by the Court unless otherwise ordered.

Adopted: March 4, 1998