Find Your Courtroom

Finding the courtroom in which your proceeding is located is simple. 

  • You may already have a "Notice of Hearing" with a courtroom listed. If not, there are Display Boards located on every floor of the courthouse that show courtroom information.    
  • When entering the south public entrance, after going through security, you will notice a set of displays across from the elevators. Some of these displays show the courtroom where a specific docket is located.  Other displays show hearings and their respective courtrooms sorted by party name.  If you are a party to the case, just wait for your name to appear and the courtroom will be listed.  Otherwise, wait for the case number to appear.  
  • The courtroom number corresponds to the floor where the courtroom is located.  For instance courtroom "3A" will be located on the third floor. 
  • Take the elevators or stairs to your floor.  Each courtroom has a clearly displayed sign with the courtroom number on it.