• Two hour metered parking is available in the parking lot located south of the courthouse. There is also metered parking along Quincy Street.
  • If you have a handicap license plate or hanging handicap placard, you may park in any metered parking space without cost.
  • Vehicles over 6’10” tall will NOT fit in any City of Topeka parking garage listed above.
  • The Court will NOT pay for any parking ticket or violation received by a juror or other visitor to the Shawnee County Courthouse.

Juror Parking

If you are a juror or your business at the courthouse will take longer than 2 hours, these are your various parking options.  

  • Park N Shop

    615 SE Quincy
    Limit of 150 non-permit vehicles

  • Townsite (also used for federal court jurors)

    501 SE Monroe
    Limit of 125 non-permit vehicles

  • 9th Street

    215 SE 9th
    Limit of 100 non-permit vehicles

  • Crosby Place

    108 SW 8th Street
    Limit of 55 non-permit vehicles

  • Centre City

    825 S Kansas Ave
    Limit of 65 non-permit vehicles

Juror Parking Vouchers

Please bring the parking ticket with you when checking in for jury duty and the Jury Coordinator will provide you a parking voucher.