My Employer

Q: Does my employer have to pay me?

No. There is no Kansas law requiring employers to pay their employees while they are serving on a jury. However, you cannot be fired from any permanent job for responding to a jury summons under Kansas law (see K.S.A. 43-173). Your employer may have a policy regarding pay during jury service. Check with your employer about their policy.

Q: Can I be fired for complying with a jury summons or serving on an jury?

No. Kansas law (see K.S.A. 43-173 below) provides that no employer may fire or threaten to fire any permanent employee because of the employee’s jury service or scheduled attendance in connection with jury service.

Pursuant to K.S.A. 43-173:

(a) No employer shall discharge or threaten to discharge any permanent employee by reason of such employee’s jury service, or attendance or scheduled attendance in connection with such service, in any court of Kansas.

(b) Any employer who violates the provision of this section:

(1) shall be liable for damages for any loss of wages, actual damages and other benefits suffered by an employee by reason of such violation;

(2)shall be ordered to reinstate any employee discharged by reason of such employee’s jury service; and

(3) may be enjoined from further violations of this section and ordered to provide appropriate relief.

(c) Any individual who is reinstated to a position of employment in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be considered as having been on furlough or leave of absence during such period of jury service, shall be reinstated to employee’s position of employment without loss of seniority, and shall be entitled to participate in insurance or other benefits offered by the employer pursuant to established rules and practices relating to employees on furlough or leave of absence in effect with the employer at the time such individual entered upon jury duty service.