DCR 3.313 Filing of Search Warrants


At the time of issuing a search warrant the judge shall retain possession of a signed copy of the warrant and of the executed supporting affidavit or other evidence presented in support of the warrant. Upon the return being made as provided by law, the issuing judge will place the search warrant and supporting material along with the return in a search warrant envelope with the judge's name and date of issuance of the search warrant. The envelope shall then be sealed shut and delivered by the judge or his or her designee to the clerk of the district court. The affidavit, search warrant, and return will be scanned, indexed and then securely retained electronically.


If a search warrant is reviewed and signed electronically, the return will be submitted electronically by the law enforcement officer who executed the warrant. The affidavit, search warrant, and return will be indexed and securely retained electronically.

Revised: August 17, 2016