DCR 3.512 Pretrial and Post-trial Settlement of Issues

The determination of legal issues in pretrial conferences shall be encouraged and mandatory in all Child in Need of Care proceedings wherein a severance of parental rights is sought. All attorneys of record shall be notified at least seven (7) days prior to such pre-trial conferences. Depositions shall not be taken without court approval and, unless waived, by all parties, requests for the taking of depositions shall be made orally at the pre-trial or by written request prior to pre-trial. Predisposition conferences between attorneys and other interested parties shall be encouraged in Child in Need of Care actions, especially in those actions in which children have been or may likely be placed outside the home of their parent(s), custodian(s), or guardian(s).

Any court requested reports, testing, evaluation or home study shall be in writing and filed with the court, at least five (5) business days prior to disposition or special docket calls excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Failure to submit said reports on time may result in a continuance at the request of the District Attorney, Guardian ad Litem or other party or attorney. A citation for contempt may issue for any party or attorney causing inexcusable delay.

Revised: March 28, 1998