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Shawnee County Courthouse is closed to the public beginning Monday, March 30, 2020 to lessen the spread of COVID-19
(updated March 27, 2020 5:39 pm)

The District Court is operating with extremely limited staff.  If you feel you have a Court emergency, please call (785) 251-6700.  If it is determined your situation constitutes an emergency action, you will be given additional instructions.

If you need to file a Protection from Abuse of Protection from Stalking case; Please call the YWCA Center for Safety & Empowerment at (785) 354-7927 or (888) 822-2983, located at 225 SW 12th Street.

The District Court is now closed to the public and judicial operations will be restricted to emergency functions only

(updated March 23, 2020 9:09 AM)

Emergency Functions Include:

  • Conducting first appearances
  • Addressing bonds
  • Issuing warrants
  • Conducting juvenile detention hearings and issuing warrants
  • Issuing ex parte orders and hearings concerning children in need of care and conducting temporary custody hearings
  • Issuing protection from abuse and protection from stalking orders
  • Issuing orders in mental illness and substance abuse cases
  • Issuing orders of isolation or quarantine
  • Any other matters that require emergency attention

You will be provided notice when your case has been rescheduled.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the court has your current and correct mailing address.  Please contact the court at (785) 251-6700 or Email: 

Kansas Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 Imposing Statewide Judiciary Restricted Operations During COVID-19 Emergency

Update Concerning Family Court Cases During COVID-19 Pandemic

The 3rd Judicial District’s family judges are committed to ensuring court orders are followed and the best interest of every child is foremost in all of our decisions.  We are receiving a surge in calls as many families seek to understand what the Shawnee County Stay-Home Order and District Court Administrative Orders mean for their case.

As we work to execute Administrative Orders effective March 13th and 20th, 2020 the following guidance is provided: 

Existing Parenting Plans

The Emergency Order of Local Health Officer specifically defines an essential activity as any action necessary to comply with valid court orders.  Parenting plans, including exchanges of minor children between parents, remain valid court orders, previously found to be in the minor children’s best interests.  Joint legal custody parents may make other agreements they deem to be in the children’s best interests.  Court ordered exchanges shall occur as stated in the parenting plan unless the parents agree otherwise in writing.  Family courts remain open for emergency issue only.  Contact your division if you need further guidance. 

Specialized Services

Supervised parenting time through third-party providers shall continue as long as third-party providers remain open and operational or if it can be done remotely or virtually.  Parents shall be cooperative and flexible with each other and their service providers as protocols are modified.

Supervised exchanges through third-party providers shall continue as long as third-party providers remain open and operational and shall be done in compliance with Department of Health Guidelines.  Parents shall be cooperative and flexible with each other and their service providers as protocols are modified. 

Hearings on Orders of Isolation or Quarantine

Division 3 is handling hearings on orders of isolation or quarantine. We have the capability to conduct remote or in-person hearings on the record as circumstances require. If you need to make arrangements for a hearing on an order of isolation or quarantine under K.S.A. 65-129c, please call Division 3 at 785-251-6320 to speak to the AA or leave a message. We are monitoring our phones and voice mail remotely. We will either answer your call or return it as soon as possible.

Administrative Order 20-04 Regarding Extension of Temporary and Expiring Protection from Abuse and Protection from Stalking Orders

Administrative Order 20-04

Administrative Order 20-03 Releasing Witnesses Subpoenaed and Jurors Summoned for any Proceedings Which Had Been Scheduled to Begin Prior to May 1, 2020 and Continued by Supreme Court COVID-19 Order

Administrative Order 20-03

Administrative Order 20-02 outlining Court Service Officers responsibilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Administrative Order 20-02

Administrative Order 20-01 outlining daily operations of the court during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Administrative Order 20-01