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How was I selected?
Jurors are randomly selected from current lists of persons age 18 and older, living in Shawnee County, Kansas, and are registered voters, have a Kansas drivers license, or a State ID card. Some people are chosen several times during their lifetime; others are never chosen. So long as you are a registered voter or have a Kansas drivers license, or State of Kansas issued ID, you have the same chance of being chosen as anyone else who meets the criteria.

Jury Duty

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1. How was I selected?
2. I've moved from my Shawnee County residence and no longer reside in Shawnee County. Do I still qualify for jury service?
3. What are the legal qualifications for jury service?
4. How do I request to be disqualified from jury service?
5. Are parents with children at home excused from jury service?
6. May I reschedule my jury service to a later date?
7. What happens if I have been summoned for jury duty but I decide not to report for service?
8. What happens to me if the website or recording tells me I don't have to report?
9. Even though I have received a summons, is it still possible that I will not be required to come to Court on the date shown for jury service?
10. What is the pay for jury service and how is it set?
11. Does my employer have to pay me?
12. Can I be fired if I don't show up for work when I've been summoned for jury duty?
13. What if the summons is incorrect or the person is deceased?
14. Where do I park?
15. May I bring my cell phone or other electronic devices?